these are my people

i’ve spent most of the early afternoon hanging out and reading the Man Without Ties message board, mostly because i am a nerdy fangirl and partly because i feel like i’ve finally found my people.

i’ve decided today is the day where i get to do most any lazy and decadent thing i want, well after i go grocery shopping.

so far i’ve just played on that message board and read some more of Lucky Girls and napped. squeezing that nap in was a little difficult seeing as how i didn’t get out of bed until like 9:30. but i managed like the champ i am.

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  1. dweebie 26.Oct.03 at 1:08 pm

    I’m reading Lucky Girls too!! Just got it at the library. I cracked it open, the library got it Oct, 2003, and as I’m reading the first story, I know I’ve read it before. Then realized I read it in New Yorker, the other stories I haven’t read before and so far are great. I’m wondering if Freudenberger is related to Esther Freud who wrote Hideous Kinky, they just seem so similar. I really enjoyed Hideous Kinky, so I had to go see the movie, which I liked, as well as the soundtrack.

  2. jodi 26.Oct.03 at 1:19 pm

    i liked the first three stories, “Lucky Girls,” “The Orphan,” and the one about the painter and the married man. I didn’t really care for the “Eastern Gate” one at all. i think that maybe i didn’t get it. i’ve just begun “The Tutor.”


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