scenes from a pancake breakfast

“look cade, it’s your attractive aunt jodi,” sister #3 said
“i can’t help it, it’s 8:30 in the morning.”
“it’s 8:40,” sister #2 said. “you’re late.”
“cade, someone should tell her grunge went out in 1996.”
“you want me to take off the hat?”
“it can’t be that bad.”
so i took off the cap.
“how can your hair stick up like that after having a hat on,” my cousin lisa asked.
“it’s naturally gifted.”
“ok, put it back on. you’re starting to scare the shriners,” sister #3 said.

“grodijodigrodijodigrodijodi, i’m wearing that spiderman shirt you love.”

“you brought peanut butter,” i asked.”
“i can’t eat panacakes without peanut butter,” sister #4 said.
“you can’t pronounce them either.”

“are you a writer,” uncle wayne asked pointing to my baseball cap.
“no,” i said, “but i play one on tv.”
“i think i saw that show once,” he said. “i turned the channel.”

“i guess we’re leaving,” my mom said.
“yeah, we wanna get out of here before the christians get in,” i said.

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  1. dweebie 28.Sep.03 at 4:24 pm

    We worked in the small, “elite”, dining hall as part of our financial aid package, stocking the buffet lines for the seniors and visiting families, and of course late, every afternoon, for those who had attended the mass at St. Aloysius’, who in eating late, made us late for the next class, those we called “the Christ for lunch bunch”…’get ready for the Christ for lunch bunch!!!”