i waited all summer just to see you breathe

confidential to darlingjason

Dear DarlingJason,

I’m listening to the CD that MMJ gave to me, just like I promised. You should feel honored.

So here it goes:
I’ve waited all summer just to see her breathe. Yeah, I’m totally digging that song. Something about best kept secrets that you’ll never ever tell, all your friends that you know well.

Something about Cindy and a transsexual. You learned about love and the opposite sex something, something. Maybe she’s pretty and maybe she’s rich, you have to keep an open mind. And I’m still pretty sure they are saying something about now it’s all running amok, the colored girls like to fuck. But that might be just my own demented spin on it.

I can’t lie, I’m unable to pretend, I’m unable to defend your actions, psychic girl where’s my happy ending. I like this one a lot.

Put the keys into car, put the car into drive, take us to the moon take us for a ride. This song totally sounds like it stole the riff from that Duran Duran song “View to a Kill.”

Artificial, preconceived, hey deceiver, something, something. We’ll wake the neighbors because the walls are closing in.

It’s hard to listen and write and write this all with my back to the stereo. Somehow I think I could hear the lyrics better if I stared at the speaker.

This next one, I think it might be my favorite. No bricks, no mortar can hold you in place. You’re glued to the girl, or something like that. I really like this.

Systematically I’m in over my head, something about the batteries being dead, oh no. I like the way this one sounds. This is probably my song. I can tell.

I just missed a bunch of songs because I was working on the story. But, I am taping the CD so I can listen to it in Ruby. Ruby is Prior Lake’s premier place to listen to music. Honest.

So which one is your favorite anyway? Do you have a favorite? Because I have a favorite replacements song, it’s the one I got tattooed on my flesh.

Ok, I can’t pay attention anymore, I’m to the part where she’s gonna decide if she’s gonna have sex with Sam or not. So I gotta concentrate. I’ll talk to you later, maybe I’ll listen to it again on the way to work.

And I’ve got just enough to share,

p.s. you know all the darling ones are reading this, you should say hi, it’s the least you can do. of course they won’t have a clue what in the hell is going on, but i really didn’t have to the time to make a special for your eyes only only for you page. i am lazy. and i had to watch se7en and i had to write some stuff.

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  1. mmj 01.Oct.03 at 9:44 am

    Can you believe I can’t find the track listing? I didn’t think I’d be giving it away to someone… oh well.