getting a head start on the new year

i am most excited about my new year’s resolution this year. it’s quite unusual and should prove to be most entertaining.

my goal is to slim down my cd collection. i plan on doing this by listening to at least one cd a day and decide if it’s really essential to my collection. this is no easy undertaking as i’ve got about 400 cds, a lot of them i am sure are crap. some of them i know i’ve never listened to.

i plan on writing all about the cds as i listen to them over at the ones that i don’t want or like i want to give away to someone who wants it. i haven’t quite worked out all the details, but i’m pretty sure it’ll be cool.

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  1. Heather 21.Nov.01 at 8:36 am

    Hmm. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about going through my CDs lately, too. I think I’m up above the 300 mark, and as there are at least 30 out there I want to buy, well, I need to get rid of the ones I haven’t listened to in 5 years! Good luck with it!


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