which do you dance for?

he said yes.

i finally asked. of course, it was only after he asked if i was ever gonna ask. it’s all so very confusing. i’ve decided that i have to write iwilldare.com as if the TTHM were not reading it, though i know full well he will. it’s the only way for it work. not too long ago i started obsessing about him reading it and how i would appear and what he would think and what not. so i just stopped writing. but now, i’ve decided that i just write what i want and deal with the consequences, if there are any. he doesn’t often ask me about iwilldare.com, which is weird.

i’ve lost it, after four hours of straight book-editing.

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  1. dweebie 17.Aug.03 at 1:31 pm

    Maybe it will be a Cyrano type thing, your writing, his heart. So keep on just being real and let it all out, dare.

  2. Bonny 17.Aug.03 at 1:37 pm

    Jodi, do you ever listen to “This American Life” on the radio? I just heard this week’s, and the last feature — 17 minutes or so long — reminds me SO much of you! If you want to hear it, it’s on KNOW 91.1 at 9p, tune in at around twenty-minutes to 10 & you should catch the whole thing.


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