i was a flower of the mountain yes

for shalanis:
yes, i did take that picture at the top of the page. it was a mess still life on my desk, that just happened to catch my eye. the pen and the sunglasses are mine. underneath is my scribbling of Molly Bloom’s Speech from James Joyce’s Ulysses. i was enraptured with the speech because the first time i met the TTHM he read it to me while we were standing in barnes and noble. it made my knees so weak, i had to grab onto a shelf for support.

underneath molly’s speech is a paragraph i had to write for a writing class.

now you know.

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  1. Dragonblink 26.Sep.03 at 2:01 am

    The pen’s a Lamy Safari, right? I have a blue one and love it to death. I only *just* found a place semi-near me that sells the Lamy fountain pen cartridge refills, and I’m thrilled because it means I can use my Safari again!

    I’m such a geek.


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