WFH Monday

i’m working from home today. trying to bang out a newsletter in one day. it will be a minor miracle if i get it done. i have no doubt that it’ll get done. i am that good.

of course, my co-workers are having a field day. see, i came out of the TTHM closet on friday. mostly i was forced out of it. after them made me schlep 304 blocks to lunch on friday, i was tired, sweaty and had a blister the size of a silver dollar on the bottom of my right foot. we were supposed to go to happy hour and i tried to bail, i wanted to go home and shower and doctor my foot before going over to the TTHM’s place.

“what? you aren’t going,” they cried.
“i have to shower,” i said.
“why?” wondergeek john said.
“well, i have a thing,” i said.
“a thing?”
“ok, it’s a date-type thing of sorts,” i said.
“you have a date!!” they cried.
“yes, i suppose.”
“you are so going to happy hour,” julie said.

it took me all of a beer to spill my guts. they wanted to know how tall he was, what he did, if he played basketball, how old he was, how long i’d been seeing him. but it was good. so, so, so, good.

because i got to talk about stuff. stuff like not having told my family yet, and not wanting to. about the age difference. the superficial stuff. we didn’t talk about anything heavy– the big stuff. but the little stuff that wore on my mind.

and it was just so nice to put it out there. it was so nie to put it out there and then discuss being a single 30something. and it was so good to hear from people who weren’t married as teenagers about being single and staying single and how families don’t deal with it well at all.

it was so good.

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  1. dainec 11.Aug.03 at 10:41 am

    So, how old is he? Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think you told us that number. 🙂

  2. UH 11.Aug.03 at 11:35 am

    Yeah, come on…out with it! Is he *gasp* YOUNGER than you? Is that why you’re so reticent?

  3. jodi 11.Aug.03 at 11:39 am

    younger? c’mon. i LOVE older men. he’s a lot older than i am, more than a decade, less than two decades.

    gah, that’s why he’s the TTHM (tall tall handsome man) and not the TTCB (tall tall cute boy).

  4. chris 11.Aug.03 at 12:39 pm

    Super Huge Smiles to you today!! The family will have to just “deal” right? My mother still can’t accept my mate even after 16 years. What’s yours is yours and everyone else can suck eggs.


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