hold up there carmen sandiego

i just got back from meeting up with darlingjason. it ruled! i can’t remember the last time i had so much fun with my clothes on. he was just the cutest thing ever. i wanted to eat him right up. and how he made me laugh. laugh and laugh and laugh. it was so much fun. so much fun.

i was a little worried, because he seemed so timid whenever we chatted. but he was a riot. i just wanted to squeeze him all night.

c’mon how can you not have a blast with someone who claims “back to the future” is the best movie ever made? you know, anyone who can understand my alex p. keaton fetish is someone i can spend 8 hours with laughing my head off. it was just so fun.

and it was great because even though he has been reading iwilldare.com for ages and ages, he never cut me off with “yeah, i read that on your site.” which i loved. i can’t wait until he comes back.

luckily, he has to travel up to this neck of the woods quite often for work. i told him next time he comes i will invite him to the nerdlair and he can see how messy it really is.

it was so fun.

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