productivity regime

i’ve started my first in a series of three days off from work by sleeping in. i floated about in a haze of flannel and semi-consciousness until about 10 o’clock, when i was rudely (and delightedly) interrupted by a call from the TTHM.

in the 45 minutes since that call ended, i have put on pants and a bra. i have not, however, brushed my hair and/or my teeth. i still need to go take ruby in for a lube job and get my hair cute and go to the bank and go to target for kitty essentials. that’s all i need to do today, then i am free to spend the rest of the evening continuing my get-to-know-you adventure with the TTHM.

tomorrow the final traumas leading the big anniversary hoo-ha begin. there will be flower getting and mirror cleaning and probably a cat fight or two. then saturday the anniversary and sunday the horse track and monday recovering, only to begin work on tuesday.

when did i get a life? you know, it’s kind of fun.

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