i left my baby on the side of the road, i left her with a heavy load

i feel like a supergenius. i’m watching Laurel Canyon and the song the guy was singing was so, so, so familiar. i could even sing along with it, “there’s something going on around here, i could not crawl back if I tried, i couldn’t wait around, i couldn’t wait another second
something going on around here, i left my baby on the side of the highway she just couldn’t see things my way”

and then before i had to get up and google the lyric i figured it out, all by myself. it’s sparklehorse’s “someday i will treat you good.”

see? see? i am a supergenius.

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  1. Anonymous 01.Jan.04 at 11:00 pm

    (not that you know me, but i just googled those very lyrics and found you. because i loved the song when i heard it in laurel canyon, and needed to hear it again)

  2. john 23.Jan.04 at 11:18 pm

    me too – just watched it, and I knew it was familiar !! crazy huh !!

  3. Alistair 27.Jan.04 at 2:41 pm

    Funny thing, i just watched laurel Canyon, heard the song, recognised it and knew it was called someday but couldn’t quite work out who it was by. So i googled and found this page 😀

    so thanks, you’ve stopped me running around going out of my mind trying to work out who’s song it was


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