keeping it simple, maybe

KISS Living is exactly the site for me. it’s going to become my new bible. you all know how much i abhor cleaning. if you could see the inside of my apartment, you’d know i was telling you the truth. and anyone willing to make cleaning seem like an easy, fun little adventure– deserves to be put on a bible-like pedestal.

in other news, i put my new (actually it’s quite old, it’s the diningroom table we had growing up, it’s my parents’ old table. it’s in sore need of some refinishing, a job i started when i was like a sophomore in college and promptly gave up. tony did something to it, but it’s still in need of come intensive care, something i’ll do some day) diningroom table.

of course, i won’t be using it as a diningroom table, i’ll be using it as a desk. it’s kind of nice, because it doesn’t have the annoying keyboard tray my old desk (which is currently living in the middle of the livingroom) had. i hate those damn keyboard trays– they are not a friend of the 6’5″.

so, oberon has a new home, and i’m trying to decide if i really need to hook up the printer and scanner since i can’t remember the last time i used either of them.

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  1. Calli 02.Jun.03 at 12:34 am

    Keyboard trays are evil, horrible blights on the technological landscape. I’m tall AND fat… they’re too low and I have to sit WAY back because I have no lap! Stupid pieces of shit.


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