they moo

susan, you’re gonna love this.

max and i were studying the map he got from the zoo on saturday.

“what’s that say?”
“meerkats of the kalahari.”
“what bird is that?”
“i dunno, a macaw?”
“does that look like a macaw? it’s a flamingo.”
“so are there any animals you don’t like?” i asked him.
“he’s a afraid of cows,” jaycie volunteered.
“of cows?”
“they moo!” max shouted.
“what’s wrong with mooing?”
“it’s scary!”
“but if we didn’t have cows we would have milk,” i said.
“or cheese,” jaycie said.
“or sour cream,” i said.
“or ice cream,” jaycie said.
“mooing is scary,” max said.

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