they all the look the same to me

so it’s after 11 on a lonely saturday night, and i got my books all put away so i decided to reward myself with a little chocolate ice cream. i pad over to the freezer and what do i discover. . . TWO pints of Chocolate with Chocolate Hearts (godiva). this usually would be much cause for rejoicing, you know TWO whole pints of ice cream.

but see, last week i discovered that i had accidentally put one pint in the fridge instead of the freezer. while this caused a bit of alarm, i wasn’t too concerned as i tossed the refrigerated pint into the freezer because i thought the frozen pint was belgian dark chocolate.

i was wrong.

i opened both pints and they looked exactly the same to me. so, being the X-treme ice creamer that i am, i just dove in. so if i die tonight you will know why and to keep my spirit alive, darlingones, you must go about the world telling people that ice cream that sat in the refrigerator for a few days and then was refrozen is not good.

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