like the colors down her cheek

dreams, dreams, dream, i felt like i had 50 dreams last night.

dream #1: i lived across the street from a coffee shop called down under. both me and the coffee shop were located in minneapolis. in the dream i realized that the coffee shop workers could see out their window right into my bedroom. i was thankful i was not sleeping naked, because i looked over and one of the coffee shop guys looked over at me and smiled.

dream #2: while living in the same apartment, with my roommates michelle, kari and elizabeth hurley, we met on the street outside and michelle tried to give me directions on how to get into a building that housed the wedding dress shop i needed to go to. i was picking up my wedding dress.

dream #3: there was something about an impending tornado. there was no basement so we, and i can’t remember who the whole we was. there was three of us. me, kevin spacey and someone else, perhaps a child. kevin made us hide under the bed as the tornado hit the house. i was screaming and screaming more because i couldn’t be heard than out of fear. the house was tore apart, but we were ok.

dream #4: i was returning to work after some sort of hiatus of indeterminate length. people we really, really glad to see me. only thing was the office was relocated to a local target with really, really, really loud music. i was making my way to my aisle. i was to work in the kitchen utensil area. i was getting settled into the aisle when the hot guy from R&D came over all smiling and hot. he was asking me something, but i couldn’t really hear him because the music was so loud. so i had to lean my ear in real close to his mouth and my heart was beating all kinds of goofy. i thought he was asking me out. but he was asking for a pen.

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