not from around here, are you?

i went to the Galleria over lunch. this was not my choice, i went with kari so she could get a gift for her sister’s bridal shower.

the galleria is a far and distant planet from the one i inhabit. it’s a chi-chi, upscale, snootyfest. very trendy, very monied, very weird. but, i must admit a lot of very cute, very tall men. so i guess it might not be a bad planet to visit from time to time if i could ever afford an outfit cute enough to allow me to fit in at the galleria.

so we went to williams-sonoma to pick up a waffle iron from the aforementioned sister’s registry.

it was $70.

yes, $70 for a waffle iron. does anyone make waffles enough to warrant a $70 waffle iron? is the $70 waffle iron much better than super duper $39 waffle iron or the $19.99 waffle iron?

someone please, please explain to me what kind of person registers for a $70 waffle iron? why? why? why?

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  1. Thomas 30.May.02 at 2:59 pm

    $70 waffle irons are made exquisitely with lots of crome and heavy hinging bits. They’re supposed to look good on the counter as you call out to the 2.5 kids, “Breakfast is ready!”, using your puffy Hello-Kitty oven mitt to accentuate your perky voice whilst your other perfectly manicured hand holds your silicon spatula just so.

    But in the end it’s bullshit.

    The waffles taste the same as the $19.99 waffle iron. Buy her a bottle of pure vanilla extract; a dash of that in batter makes waffles and pancakes yummy.

    Willams-Sonoma measuring cups are the proverbial bomb, though.

  2. Kari 30.May.02 at 3:12 pm

    The waffle iron has really thrown you.

    The bast this is that she lives in 600 square foot 1 bedroom apt. Really I don’t think the 2.5 kids will fit, never mind the iron.

    I spent $80 on a shower gift. I guess I will have to buy the $800 table from Pottery Barn for the Wedding Gift.

  3. Thomas 30.May.02 at 4:03 pm

    Dah, wha!?! She has a 600 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment and she wants a $70 waffle iron? Well, then you might want to buy the small $10 glass vials from Restoration Hardware too for all that CRACK she must be smoking! (Note: Drug use is illegal and dangerous. It’s ok to say NO to drugs, kids.) (Oh, no offense to your sister either.)

    You must have true unconditional love for her since you purchased the Waffle-a-tor.

    Trust me on the vanilla.

  4. Uncouth Heathen 30.May.02 at 7:27 pm

    She registered for the $70.00 one so she can return it, buy the $19.95 waffle iron, and use the $50.05 cash to buy a lifetime supply of Aunt Jemima mix.

    At least that’s what we did.

  5. greg 31.May.02 at 2:17 pm

    People register for expensive stuff because no one will ever be crazy enough to buy them a $70 waffle iron again.

  6. looks for sales 15.Jul.02 at 1:06 pm

    well from the looks of things…she’s not going to get as much as she may have wanted since it’s on special for $59.00 i guess 39.05 would cover at least 1/2 a life time of Aunt Jemima mix.