my happiness makes me a hypocrit

one of my fellow backwashers posted a link to what might be the most offensive thing i’ve ever seen on the internet.

this was a site by some johnnydark monster, about rape drugs. it was heinous. beyond heinous. i won’t even quote from it, because i don’t want those words to taint you can read a brief excerpt at the backwash link.

you can’t read the site, the powers that be at blogger took it down. and i am proud. so damn, damn proud of them.

is this censorship?

i can’t decide. were those words that monster wrote fighting words? most definitely. would the supreme court agree with me, i don’t know. but then i don’t always agree with them.

so there’s a battle raging inside of me. that of the ardent first amendment supporter and that of the rape victim. neither side is all that logical. but i can’t see how such expression should be sacred, safe. it does the world no good, not at all. and some might say neither does j.d. salinger’s “catcher in the rye.”

but then the truth shall win out in the marketplace of free ideas right? that’s what ol’ mill said. so we should just use our words to combat johnnydark’s words. we should slam him down in this marketplace.

but then i harken back to thomas jefferson and his address to the commonwealth of virginia (i think, it’s late i could be wrong). though he was talking about religion, i think it fits this case. tommy j said if his neighbor’s choice in religion doesn’t pick his pocket or break his leg, he doesn’t see any problem with his denomination.

well, johnnydark’s words would have done more than picked pockets and break legs. it would have destroyed lives. there really is just no defending instructions on how to rape a woman. none at all. and that’s why i’m proud of blogger for taking the site down.

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  1. Thomas 31.May.02 at 6:37 am

    I don’t think that the first amendment would really apply here. If he owned his own server, ip address, domain and connected via his own T1 connection, and some governing body squelched his right to discuss how to harm people, then it might be considered a violation of his free speech. But he wasn’t, he was posting on someone else’s web site.

    Blogger has policies and rules for it’s postings including, I assume, rules that prohibit instruction on performing illegal activities. I mean, look how much ruckus has been caused by simply offering one’s own personal opinion on certain web hosts (I’ve been reading the archives, techies end up with lots of time on their hands).

    If johnnydark were to describe in detail how to lie to pick up women in taverns, and he was squelched, then the actions against him would be considerably more heinous. As it stands, I hope his ISP is notified and he loses his accounts. But that’s speaking as a son, a brother and a husband.

  2. aden 31.May.02 at 2:55 pm

    oh yeah, i am very glad to see blogger took action on this. johnnyboy had no ammendment rights with this, the blogspot TOS makes that possible.

  3. Josette 02.Jun.02 at 7:13 am

    i saw this on filepile a few weeks ago. johnnydark didn’t write it, he just posted it.