i could hear your little heart pound

for mike:
the year was 1994. i was in the smoky camaraderie. i was drunk, drunk, drunk and begging someone to play the jukebox. kelly stepped up to the plate and threw in some money. he had only one request. . . we had to play at least one replacements song. i crinkled my nose at him and acquiesced.

over the din and smoke, i heard the opening chords of “Merry Go Round.” and in that moment, my life changed. kelly sidled up to me and put an arm around my shoulder, “c’mon chromes,” he said, “you know the words.”

and magically i did. why, that song, that song was written about me.

in quick sucession i bought most every replacements cd i could get my hands on.

one of my favorite replacements moments was sitting in the upper balcony of the grand illusion alone. i was waiting for my friends to join me. i sat alone singing along to a replacements song. a boy approached me.

“you like the replacements?”
“i love them.”
“well then, i guess i’ll be buying you a drink.”

we sat and talked about the replacements for nearly an hour, even when my friends had come. he was telling me all sorts of stories about seeing them live and meeting westerberg. it was amazing.

another replacements story, standing in the very same bar, nearly two years later. a different boy and the song “nobody” comes on. we stood there with our arms around each other and the mood got so intense, he left. he just put his beer down and he left the bar. i chased him and was told, “you have the most incredible capacity for love.” it was bizarre. it hink he was the first boy i ever said i love you to.

so yes, that’s the story. i was a late comer to the replacements. i am a late comer to most everything that is cool, mostly because i am so oblivious to everything. the only coolness i ever discovered relatively early was soul coughing, and they like all my other favorites have gone the way of the dodo.

it was love at first listen.

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  1. Scott 29.May.02 at 3:49 pm

    I’ve always liked All Shook Down, even though I remember reading lots of poor reviews at the time. Even Mr. Westerberg himself wasn’t pleased with it, if I remember correctly.

  2. mike 30.May.02 at 11:40 pm

    that was beautiful, jodi. thanks for sharing with us….

  3. rogers 25.Oct.02 at 1:23 am

    Greetings from Virginia!I liked your post about the ‘mats. They are also my favorite band, and much like soul coughing a lot of bands i listen to are no longer together. I found this blog through a series of links. Any ‘Mats reference on the web usually gets my attention. I did not see Paul on his latest tour for” Mono/Stereo “because i didn’t know he was out playing. I could have seen him three times. When he was on the “Tonight” show and introduced himself to the Olsen twins, I was cracking up. It took me a very long time to warm up to “Mono/Stereo” I think in the back of my mind I secretly hope Paul will call Chris and Tommy to try to work something out but no matter what they do now it can’t compare to what they did . Have a good weekend rogers