your memory was buried in a simple box of pine

i had the most wretched of dreams last night. i had a dream that some security guard from my apartment building (of which there are no security guards in real life) tried to kill me.

it was the worst. i opened the door because the security guard had knocked on the door, i think i knew him or something. he had something for me, it might have been dinner or a plate of food. i opened the door and he handed me the plated and i was thanking him for it when he grabbed me around the neck and just started squeezing.

i dropped the plate and stepped back, but he didn’t let go, he just kept squeezing my neck. i remember thinking, ‘he’s going to kill me.’ i tried to scream, but i couldn’t because i was having troubles breathing. i just stood there with him squeezing my neck and i didn’t know what to do besides cry.

then i decided it might be a good idea to fight back. so i started hitting him about the head and shoulders. he wasn’t phazed too much by any of this. then for some reason i decided it might be a good idea to get a picture of my murderer so people would know who killed me.

i grabbed for my digital camera, which just happened to be close by, but he had taken the batteries out. for some reason this really freaked me out so i went nuts hitting him with the camera and what not. a giant fight ensued, but since i was so much taller and bigger than the murderous security guard i was winning. i somehow managed to knock him out by beating him with the camera.

when he lay motionless on the ground, instead of standing there sobbing and waiting for him to grab my ankle (like in the horror movies), i busted out of there. i ran down the hall screaming for help and banging on all the apartment doors. nobody opened a single door. i ran downstairs (in real life i live on the first floor) to the lobby where the rest of the security guards were.

i was sobbing and screaming about how someone was in my apartment trying to kill me. Adam Rich (yeah, nicolas from Eight is Enough) and Jerry Garcia were the security guards on duty. i was a wreck and they were none too helpful at all. they just pointed to a bank of phones and told me to call the cops. i kept trying to dial 911 but it wasn’t working. finally adam came over to help me out.

then i woke up because the phone next to my bed was really ringing. it was some telemarketer guy soliciting donations for some sort of police fund.


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  1. jeremy 27.Apr.02 at 2:31 pm

    whoa. heck of a dream. have you analyzed it yet? seems obvious you should get some freshly charged batteries for your camera and have them around at all times… as for the rest, well, your apartment could represent yourself (buildings often represent the body), the security guard could be some sort of defense you have erected around yourself and the choking could literally be that you feel this defense (which you yourself have created) is choking off your breath (life). I think you need to find what this is and then change it so you can breath. Ok, that all seems fairly obvious (to me)… you said “beating him with the camera” which I might take to mean you have a secret desire to be a photographer, perhaps of famous people (Adam and Jerry). Maybe Adam’s name (Rich) links back to your thoughts on getting a raise. What does Eight signify to you? Ok ok, this is going on far too long, I’m sure, but Jerry was a hippie into music and touring – maybe you want that sort of artistic freedom?
    You should probably make a small donation to the police fund sometime soon, just because that whole thing was too much of a premonition-type connection to the dream! Hee hee.