why do you see right through me?

i want so badly to say something right now. something, anything of consquence to someone, to me. but i can’t. it’s like my brain has fallen out and the only thoughts i have are these three songs that i have on repeat since they are the only ones i can stand.

if i were into pain i’d poke myself hard with a sharp object just to make sure i could still feel, but my fear of hurting myself overrides my curiousity. fuck, i can’t even spell curiosity and i can’t even come close enough to look it up in the damn dictionary. of course because tonight i am totally off balance this is close to reducing me to tears.

what the hell good is an online dicitionary if you have to spell the damn word right?

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  1. drublood 03.Apr.02 at 11:59 pm

    Hey! I’m just surfing and I had to say that I really like your blog. It looks good, and you DO have interesting stuff to say. I like the “kindness of strangers” entry. That kind of stuff kicks ass!

    Just thought you might want to hear something nice from a total stranger!


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