professor chromey

the monday night guys love to tease me about my incessant reading while i should be tending to their every beer need. whenever they leave me a tip they say, “put it in your college fund.” craig claims that he’s tipped me so much that he’s gonna claim me on his taxes this year.

tonight jerry, who bowled a 299 last week, who drinks MGD and whose 12-year-old daughter reads at an 11th grade level asked me, “have you finished your thesis yet.”

“i’m not writing a thesis,” i said.
“then why you always reading them web and journalism books?”
“very observant.”
“yeah, i notice things. so why you reading the books? are you studying for class.”
“nope, i’m done with school for the time being.”
“how old are you?”
“wow, i thought you were like a college student.”
“nope, haven’t been for like 6 years or something like that.”
“so are you like a reporter or a web person?”
“ha! i used to be a reporter now i’m a web person.”
“what do you do?”
“i work for a software company writing marketing propaganda.”
“no, what do you do on the web? chat?”
“sometimes yes. i also write, learn, surf — all sorts of stuff.”
“huh, a web person. i’d have never guessed.”
“that’s because i file my horns down before i leave the house.”

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