chocolate bunny ears

hmm, i was gonna try and write something funny or sentimental about easter. but as i scan the old databases of my mind, i can’t seem to conjure up one significant easter memory worth sharing.

yeah, easter isn’t really a great family holiday for the chromey troop. not that we’re anti-easter or anything. just sorta non-religious and well. . . how many chocolate easter bunnies can you pound down before the whole thing just doesn’t really mean much anymore, if it meant anything at all.

maybe this year will be different. having kids around certainly help. if nothing else, i’m sure it will be an entertaining dinner with the whole fam.

my parents are venturing out for a time to my dad’s side of the family. the sister club is boycotting this adventure since the last time we spent easter with dad’s side of the family it sucked so many giant donkey balls, we vowed en masse to never do it again.

we can be stubborn like that. if any of them cave there will be much eldest sister ass kicking raining down upon their feeble heads. but i have faith that they will hold strong and resist the pouting of the parents.

happy easter darling ones.

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  1. paige 31.Mar.02 at 4:15 pm

    Happy Bunny Day, Jodi! *hug*