just give me sex whenever i want it

allison and i have spent much of the day whispering in dreamy voices about the beauty that is rufus wainwright.

the show last night was a blast, despite my minor claustrophobia attack. it was so hot and smoky and crowded that i thought i was gonna pass out. so i booted from the gang and hung out near the back of the crowd. it was much more enjoyable for me.

rufus was a hoot. the minute he strode on stage in a mesh shirt, i thought i was gonna die from pure lust. the minute he opened his mouth, he erased any doubts one might have had about his sexuality. but that did nothing to decrease my desire for him.

he was trashed, which only added to the hilarity of the evening. i thought i was gonna wet myself when he sang instant pleasure, but i managed to remain composed.

the night was only mildly spoiled by the fratboydorks standing next to me. when rufus started in on halleluiah, fratboydork #1 thougt it was most imperative that fratboydork #2 remember the EXACT scene the song was played during the movie shrek. finally, fratboydork #2 said, “dude we’re gonna miss the whole song.” i coulda smooched him.

i had such a blast last night. now i am trying to rally the troops to go see ike reilly on the 16th. thus far i have enlisted the evil munchkin and bestfriendkari.

next up: ryan adams on the 11th. wahoo!

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  1. tyson 28.Feb.02 at 6:50 pm

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard any music from this rufus person.

  2. misty 11.Sep.02 at 10:33 pm

    hey, just happened on your sight by accident looking up which movie had rufus’s halelujiah in it. yours was the lucky sight to answer my question. thanks. glad you agree, he is fantastic. saw him in philly in february and his sis must have been on ecstacy…she was certainly something to talk about. been listening to him all night (what night isnt a good rufus night?)