new levels of dorkiosity

Because I am a dork, above all else, I am listening to the elephant love song mix from “moulin rouge.” Are you impressed by the whole new level of dorkiosity that I just invented? And you thought I had reached my peak!

So darling ones, I am getting my hairs all cut and colored this afternoon. I am most excited. My very favorite haircutterlady now colors hair too. Wahoo! She’s the absolute best and I just hated having some other chickie coloring my hair. I am sure I will be the swankiest of babes this afternoon. Sadly all this fleeting swankiness will be wasted on my co-workers.

In other news, my latest e-crush has reached epidemic proportions. As you well know I have had my fair share of e-crushes. but this new one is unlike any e-crush i’ve ever had before.

THE BOY, of dream interpretation fame, has really knocked me socks off and i am beside myself about the whole debacle. to make matters even goofier, he will be here on business in august. then he’ll spend the fall in chicago. really, what is a silly girl like me doing getting serious e-crushes on smart, witty, wonderful, keep-me-up-too-late-chatting boys in boston? am i insane?

i’ve had e-crushes before. but usually those dissipate after the first rush of euphoric get-to-know you has lost it’s shine. but this boy, still makes me grin mona lisa smiles in the middle of the day. darling ones, i think i’ve lost it.

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  1. JohnSkam 04.Jun.01 at 1:40 pm

    to us brits? what is a “dork”?? You know, I’m gonna HAVE to see Moulin Rouge now I’ve heard all about it. As for the hair colouring, creativity is never wasted :))

    e-crushes (first time I heard that word!) you never know, smart, witty, wonderful, keep-you-up-too-late-chatting boys in boston might really like you, and its always good to smile (I smile all the time).

    well, jodi, Happy Birthday in two days time and keep smiling those Mona Lisa smiles. (I would sing “happy Birthday to you” but I guess you wouldn’t hear me from here – some might say, just as well).

  2. matt 04.Jun.01 at 4:13 pm

    jodi, you are too engaging for your own good. i damn near overslept this morning. i am going home and going straight to bed. i hope you can do the same. thanks for making me so famous today. (bows)

  3. jeffy 04.Jun.01 at 4:44 pm

    You’re OVER me? When was I under you?

  4. jodi 04.Jun.01 at 4:45 pm

    i knew it was traumatize you! i can’t believe you’ve repressed the memory.

  5. jodi 04.Jun.01 at 6:00 pm

    clearly THE BOY only likes me because he thinks i am famous and he too will be famous because of my crush on him.


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