my face is on fire

my face is on fire and i can’t get it to cool down. yikes! i hate being one of those people that blushes so brightly. this morning as a little gag, i sent this e-mail out to a few of my co-workers (you know the cs bunch and the tech doofs):
I just thought you should all know that there are only 61 days until my birthday. You can commence the gift search now. Feel free to constantly update yourself on the status of my impending birthday at: [big long website i already posted to].
Jodi C.

so, i am sitting here minding my own business. pecking away at some stuff about plug-ins (yes, envy me my dangerous and exciting job). when i hear. . . “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. . .” i turn around and here comes kim, along with darnell, melvin and uriel. kim’s got a bunch of easter lilies in her hands. and their singing is getting everyone’s attention. “it’s not my birthday,” i shout. the commotion stirs the VP of Marketing and Sales out of his office. “it’s not my birthday!” my face is burning and i could feel it turn 218 shades of red. then VP says, “jeez jodi, why is your face so red?”

wacky times here in software land, i tell ya.

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