i’m a mad, crazy wisher.

i’m a mad, crazy wisher. i wish all the time. on stars, found pennies, driving over railroad tracks, on the clock (you know when you happen to catch the time at 11:11, 2:22 or my favorite 12:34). yes, i make silly wishes all the time. i like to wish. i don’t make grand wishes. i don’t wish for prince charming to find me sitting on my couch under my rainbow blanket. nah, too far-fetched. i don’t make noble wishes. no i-wish-there-was-an-end-to-all-suffering-wishes. nope. . . not me. i don’t wish for such high-brow, noble stuff. occassionally, i will make the big granddaddy wish for world peace or whatnot. but that happens about once a year and when you are a chronic wisher like me. . . that’s nothing compared to the sheer volume of wishing going on in my head.

usually i wish for normal silly stuff. i’ll wish that i’ll get an e-mail from someone that makes me smile. or i’ll wish that i can make someone laugh today. or i’ll wish that there is something, anything in the kitchen to eat for dinner. yeah. my wishing goals are not all the great.

but i like that. i like simple wishes that easily come true. hell, my wishes come true all the time. i am such a lucky girl! i like to keep my goals easy too. sure, like the big granddaddy wish, i have huge goals that i keep striving (a long-term, happy realtionship, children, nirvana) to reach. but i’m an instant-gratification sort of person. so i set many, many, many small easy to achieve (like remembering how to spell achieve without having to look it up [and i guess that I after E except after C rule only applies if it’s directly following the C]) goals. for instance, my goals for tonight: eat some supper, turn off the computer and read a book for at least an hour.

you see, i am a hopeless internet junkie. i surf and read and surf and read my nights away. it’s winter in minnesota, so i don’t feel too bad for not being out and about. and really, i’ve gotten over that need to be exciting and do stuff all the time on the weekends. i suppose that’s something that comes with age. so yes, small, noble goals for tonight. hours of reading, listening to music and learning to not be afriad to be with myself.

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