you’ll be safe in the light when we kiss, when we breathe

it’s valentine’s day. my favorite holiday of them all. sure, sure i know everyone calls it a made-up hallmark holiday. but, as much as i want to deny it and be a bitter jaded harpie, i am a big schmoopy romantic. i’d say deep deep down under all my bitter crustiness. but that’d be a lie too. because mostly i wear my romanticism right there on my sleeve. i don’t hide it very well at all.

i had a notion about listing all the things i love but then i figured typing all that would wear my fingers down into bloody nubs and that’s so not romantic.

happy valentine’s day darling ones. smooch the one you love and if you don’t have anyone to smooch, just be a little nicer to someone in the world.

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  1. Robin 18.Feb.05 at 4:42 pm

    I loved the Valentine you sent to us! Max has some mad skillz when it comes to card design! 🙂 Thanks for thinking of us!


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