men are fucks. yes, i

men are fucks.

yes, i realize that’s a gross generalization, but right now i don’t care. one man has pissed me off so i am angry at the whole gender. i am done. i am done chasing reporterboy. i am done, i am done, i am done. he never called last night and when he does he’s all, “oh i suck, i should be taken out back and beaten, i am thoughtless and evil and blah, blah, blah.” yeah, damn right you are. then, then he has the balls to get upset when i say i didn’t think anything was gonna happen saturday night anyway. i didn’t even plan to see him. sure i entertained the thought in the back of my mind, but my guts told me it wasnt’ gonna happen. and i was right! so i am done. i am not chasing another man for a long, long, long, long time (which means not until spring, i am sure).

that’s it. if a man wants to be with me, he can ask me out. he can chase me. i am not putting forth anymore effort. i don’t care how cute he is or how his voice sounds when he says my name or how much he likes soul coughing or the replacements or that we can talk for hours about books and writing. i don’t care! i am done. done, do you hear me? i am done.

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