failed miserably at the whole

failed miserably at the whole “not leaving the apartment all weekend” thing. i was a going a little batty. i did, however, stay in the jammies. . . just threw some jeans on. the traditional chemical/robitussin/sudafed thing wasn’t doing jack for me. so i am trying the echinacea/tea-and-honey route. and if that doesn’t work. i am still wearing the jammies so the stink-it-out method may win.

i’m not a big tea and honey fan. but i am even less of a fan of snot and coughing. so i ventured out into the cold to get some tea and honey. i’ve decided that honey needs to be added to the misc. aisle in the store. it can go with the marshmallows and q-tips in that “i don’t have the foggiest notion where to find this stuff or what category it’d fall under” aisle. silly me, i thought the honey’d be by the tea. or maybe in the baking goods aisle, nope. the pancakes. it’s gotta be by the syrup. of course! not there. by the ketchup? found honey mustard there, but no regular honey. honey is located next to the jelly. i dunno why.

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