grrr… it’s winter in minnesota.

grrr… it’s winter in minnesota. clyde’s heating system totally sucks and i think my cell (cubicle) is located just north of the arctic circle. i hate being cold all the time. i hate having nipples that never cease to be hard. my favorite pair of mittens have a hole in them. maybe it’s time to move to texas.

if it weren’t for flannel, i’d surely die. nothing makes me happier than warm flannel sheets on a cold, dark winter night. well, it’d be a lot better if i had a hunky, professional bedwarmerupperguy. but, alas, i don’t. so i’ll settle for flannel and a good book.

it’s tuesday and i am already gearing up for the weekend. i can’t wait! there will be much pajama wearing and couch sitting and some scarf knitting and maybe some movie watching. it will be loads of fun. too bad y’all can’t join me.

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