i believe i have reached

i believe i have reached the high-point of my musical career. i have created the best mix tape of all time. i know, i know you all thought it’d be impossible to top my rendition of “when the saints go marching in” on the piano. but i have done it.

this was not an easy task. there were rules. yes, very strict rules to follow. an artist could only appear on the tape once. that included off-shoots and solo work. usually i make a tape and it’s all the replacements and tom waits and bob mould. so there is no solo westerberg. there is soul asylum who put out golden smog. i avoided golden smog because that would have taken out wilco, the jayhawks and uncle tuepelo. it was hard

Here is the track listing:
polyester bride, liz phair
i will dare, the replacements
silent all these years, tori amos
super baby, matthew sweet
down to this, soul coughing
city of new orleans, arlo guthrie
birdhouse in your soul, they might be giants
simmer down, the mighty, mighty bosstones
emperor’s new clothes, sinead o’connor
betterman (live), pearl jam
closer to fine, the indigo girls
if i can’t change your mind, sugar
jodi sings, masters of reality
ruby soho, rancid
murder, olds 97
things to do, dylan hicks
the good life, weezercontests seem to be the thing to do, you can win all this melodic goodness!!!

just write an essay of 37 words or less on why you deserve such lyrical goodies. send that essay to me and if you’re the winner i’ll send you the tape. plus, i know your heart is beating with excitement, you will also get a handwritten personal note from me. suitable for framing!

y’all are so damn lucky.

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