insomnia can kiss my ass.

insomnia can kiss my ass. i am tired, i just want to sleep. is that too much to ask for? i guess so!

so i am reading welcome to my planet and it’s really sorta pissing me off. not the book itself. i think i have a crush on the book. it takes place in minnesota. it’s about minnesotans. it sounds like minnesota. even better, shannon’s parents live in chaska. chaska is right down the road from me. what pisses me off is that i could write this book. i could write a book. if that girl from chaska can write a book, why can’t this girl from prior lake? anyway, “welcome to my planet” is in the same vein as “bridget jones” and “the girls guide to hunting and fishing.” entertaining, yes. but i feel like i am reading the same story over and over and over again. i think i need to incoporate more male authors into my reading list.

i can’t stop thinking about how the storelady folded underpants today. i was super impressed. i wonder if she has an entire drawer full of nicely-folded underpants? i come from the “clean clothes in the hamper, dirty clothes on the floor” school of laundry ettiquette. clothes i don’t wear are kept neatly in the dresser along with all the stuff that collects on top of it and is shoved into the drawers when i clean.

i am angry tonight. i’ve got a wretched case of the mean-reds, that i hope will dissipate if i get any sleep. i want to yell and scream and cry. i am not sure what about. maybe i am just lonely. i think i need to move.

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