i am super-responsible, adult-girl

ha! i am super-responsible, adult-girl– hear me roar. yes, it isn’t even 10 a.m. and i’ve gotten clyde all taken care of. i didn’t let the snooty auto-mechanic boys talk down to me either. i told them what i wanted and that i didn’t want anything else and that i needed it done NOW. none of this we’ll get to it when we can bullshit. NOW! none of this, we’ll call you when it’s done crapola NOW! none of this, it’ll be ready at five garbage. NOW! and they did. and they didn’t give me any crap or talk down to me or anything. i rule.

i didn’t even need the extra-strength from having someone to wake up to. i woke up on the hard, cold floor (and that’s not a dramatic overstatement– my floor sucks) alone and i took care of myself and clyde. i am about $160 lighter and will have to live on ramen noodles until i get paid– but that’s what you gotta do when you are super-responsible, adult-girl.

my dad will be so proud of me! it’s not one, but two car emergencies i took care of all by myself. twice that i haven’t called him up in a puddle of tears asking for money and car-care guidance. because, no longer am i sniveling, let-them-talk-down-to-me, panic-when-something goes-wrong-on-clyde, not-have-any-money-for-car-repairs girl. . . . nope, i am super-responsible, adult-girl!

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