grocery store strike

i think the grocery store strike has to end.

there is no food here left to eat, and my parents were none-too-thrilled when i told them they had to take me out to dinner because i had no food.

“do you need money?” my mom asked.
“umm, no,” i said.
“why in the hell do we have to take you out for dinner?” dad demanded.
“because,” i tell him, “i am on strike. no more grocery shopping for me!”

they don’t understand that grocery shopping just wears me out. too many decisions. too many choices. too many changes. for instance, i am an oreo cookie purist. i don’t want double spooj, colored spooj or lo-fat spooj. i want just regular spoojed-oreos and just one row of them please. i don’t need a whole pound. because i will eat a whole pound. at one sitting.

grocery stores need to start pandering to the singletons out there. i want a half-loaf of bread! six eggs! a cereal box that holds three bowls of cereal! rise up! make your demands known. damn the man! i want someone to bag my groceries, put them in my car, carry them into my apartment and put them away!

my demands have not been met yet. but then i had to have toast and red wine for dinner. not good. so tomorrow, i cave.


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  1. Rick 13.Oct.03 at 12:46 pm

    You’re not a “singleton”, you’re a SIMPLETON! Maybe mommy and daddy can explain that word to you.

  2. random person 22.Oct.03 at 12:48 pm

    bag your own food!

  3. Britt 23.Oct.03 at 11:38 am

    Well, this grocery store strike is really huge. And because of the corprorate goonies that are concerned about lining their own pockets some more after a 91% profit margin in the last five years, they want more and more and more..
    Well you tell that to the man who has 3 children and a wife to support after making a career out of the manager posotion with one of these grocery store giants.!!
    They are all owned by one company!!! The amount of money that controls the greed in this world is discusting! I am really sick of ceo’s walking all over American’s! It has to stop.. Dont shop at any of those places. Go to the health food store. Or trader Joes or Stator Brothers.. Or the corner market to get your main staple food items..
    But You should really look at yourself and ask what do you stand for.. Human rights or oreo rights!!!
    Honestly.. You need to think past your stomack..

  4. greg s 25.Oct.03 at 6:58 pm

    bravo!! i’m one of those guys with kids and family hard working and has made safeway 1 of the top three stores The workload is insane. we earn the money. Three cheers for enlightened beings. If your not part of the solution you deserve what you get, cause your future is at risk next.

  5. Tina 26.Oct.03 at 12:03 am

    Ill third that… I have spent the last 7 years in the bakery… 5 of those as a department head and now i feel that all i have accomplished is wasting 7 years of my life…especially the holidays!!! All that for a company who just “locked the door” on me. Right now the grocery business is a good career. If the big companies succeed in their efforts it will be no better than mc donalds or walmart. We definitely earn every penny and we need those health benifits for when our bodies start to fall apart… and in this business they always do!!
    Stay strong folks…We gotta win one!!!

  6. jodi 26.Oct.03 at 12:21 am

    so, this is my site, and i’m curious, have you even read that post above, the one you are commenting on? do you even realize it’s over three years old? do you see that it has nothing to do with the current and actual grocery store strike? or do you not even care?

  7. Cory 26.Oct.03 at 4:03 pm

    I have only worked at Vons for a couple of days as a temperary worker. I do support the people on strike but I really thing that they should at lest try to negociate with the grocery stores on benefites. It is not going to fall right into your lap. You need to apply yourself. I now you hate us replacement workers but the best way to get rid of them is to take them out of the picture. You are the heart and soul of the stores and believe me they will not last without you. I would go out and tell the strikers how I support them but they would probly throw it in my face so just try to get those benefits. the way it is going right now this thing could be going until after christmas and youdont want to be out side striking on christmas.

  8. anita 28.Oct.03 at 1:38 am

    I think that the grocery store workers have a legitimate gripe. But, asking the customers to be inconvenienced by going to another store, farther away from their homes, and asking them to pay higher prices than they are already paying is way out of line!! People go to certain grocery stores for several reasons. I did not cross the picket line until I learned that the workers had quit negotiating. I, for one, will not be inconvenienced any longer for something that is really none of my business. I should not have to put up my dukes to fight for someone who will not even try to settle their own difficulties. I tried to go into a Ralphs Store to donate a jar of coins to the Red Cross for the fire victims and was unable to do so because the Coinstar machine was unplugged. I was told on the phone that it was unplugged because it was part of customer service and would not be available until the strike was over. I really think this is attrocious!! At this time, 1500 homes have been lost. For the strike to hinder relief for these poor people, who have lost everything, is way out of line. I do not care if these people ever go back to work. They certainly have the option to go to work somewhere else if things are better there. Otherwise please do not bother others who are just trying to get through life. Please do not ask them to fight your battles.

  9. Anonymous 29.Oct.03 at 11:48 am

    I think more people need to realize the core of the problem one of which I believe is as close as your nearest Wal Mart store.I think they need to be forced to stay away from the grocery arena and limit their expansions. mabye they should be sued in the way that microsoft has been sued in the past for monopolizing in their field of expertise.also Wal mart has a long history of: discrimination against women, employing illegal workers and many areas of their stores are not wheelchair friendly(my own observation).

  10. jodi 29.Oct.03 at 1:07 pm

    the core of the problem is i don’t know why in the hell you are posting about this here. what i originally wrote has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with the current strike. i am sure you can find message boards all over the place about this. but this isn’t the place. i was writing about how much i hate grocery shopping.

  11. Lins 29.Oct.03 at 10:14 pm

    People just like to spout off before even reading or fully understanding a comment or even a situation. I know this posting is 3 years old (I took the time to ACTUALLY READ it). I had found a link to it while I was trying to do some research on the CURRENT strike. I just thought it was interesting that people don’t read all the details or fine print before jumping to conclusions and laying into someone. Hopefully some of these people will learn to direct their anger and arguments in the right direction (ie.the bloodsucking scum that run the insurance companies), and hopefully you have more to eat than just wine and toast by now.

  12. courtney 30.Oct.03 at 12:07 am

    this is the funniest thing i have read all day.

  13. jo 30.Oct.03 at 6:04 am

    This whole string of comments is hilarious. It fascinates me that, three years after the fact, someone actually took the time to write “bag your own food!” Such misplaced hostility!

  14. Thomas 30.Oct.03 at 7:04 am

    Jodi’s site has a long and rich history of threads running wild. (I suggest Fox create a TV show named after this phenomena.) This, I believe, is due to the vast number of whiny, irresponsible, slack-jawed bags of rotten organs that populate the net via High Schools and Earthlink. The former category include underdeveloped brains that are too TV addled to form coherent comments and the later are your garden variety of moron. The only thing these people hate more than the subject of whatever cause du jour they’re spouting off about is me. Or people like me exposing them as the Jethro Bodine, hay-bailing(eating?), cousin lusting, denture co-op participating, chromosomally challenged, branchless family tree apes that they are.

    The other thing that jams these threads are overly written flames by sanctimonious assholes.

  15. Anonymous 30.Oct.03 at 4:52 pm

    i’m writing a story on the strikers and ineed a title?

  16. Thomas 31.Oct.03 at 6:42 am

    “Big Grocery Store Chains bag the strikers; Canned over bread!”

  17. TINA 01.Nov.03 at 8:04 pm

    Hey keep the strike going. I’m so pissed at the picketers calling the people that are now working at the store “scabs”. That is way lame. So what’s the point of the picketing – to hopefully persuade us shoppers to go elsewhere. If you don’t like what the employer is doing “look for another job”. Right? Isn’t that logical.

    Shoot- they (the so called scabs) need to make money too and what an opportunity. If you guys arn’t willing to put up with the crap (like any other job) then just because the “scabs” want some easy cash- don’t be bent.

    Have a nice day.

  18. Kaye 03.Nov.03 at 7:32 pm

    Did any of you know that Stater Bros. is also on strike? They just don’t have to picket. The owner of Stater Bros. has a Sweetheart’s clause with the union. They get the benefits from the strike but they don’t have to walk the line.

    I don’t work for Staters, but you are telling people to shop there. I just wondered if you knew they were also part of the same union?

  19. Lion 24.Nov.03 at 1:36 am

    Stator Brothers, I’ve heard os on a contract with Albertsons, and the contract states if one is on strike than the other cannnot strike, So if they loose customers they gain them on the other end-information not confirmed-

  20. Anonymous 24.Nov.03 at 1:39 am

    If its 3 years old than why do you still have it posted

  21. Thomas 24.Nov.03 at 6:56 am

    Because, Lion, it’s her diary, her sounding board. If you’re so ignorant not to check what type of blog you’re posting to before you click “bring it”, then your insignificant voice should be doomed to echo in a forum not designed to pander to your brand of rabble-rousing. Suggest you and your fellow insurgents establish your own web site so you can carry on about the unfair working conditions and underhanded practices of corporate America. Or perhaps, you could do something REALLY effective and pay a buck or two more and shop at the corner grocery stores being left virtually abandoned in favor of lower prices and the allure of being able to buy a loaf of bread AND a 36″ TV at 2:00am.

  22. Peter 24.Nov.03 at 11:59 pm

    This is a very sad situation all around. The Supermarkets and the Union are both
    being unreasonable and those left in the middle are the ones that this is all suppose to be about.

    To be honest, the decision to go on strike was poorly timed, pathetically executed and totally irresponsible. I don’t know what the Union was thinking (or even if they were thinking) but having a strike during this economy and so close to the holidays was an act of incompetence. In this economy you have several strikes against you:

    1) Replacement workers are extremely easy to find.
    – Many people are currently unemployed and desperately looking for work
    – Unemployed workers are willing to work for much less money and no benefits
    2) Customers will not honor the picket lines for long in this economy.
    – Consumer confidence is extremely low because of our recession. Even good
    hearted people who wish to honor the picket lines will cross over to save
    money. It’s not hard to verify this. In the first few days of the strike, most
    people resisted crossing the picket lines, but now I see many stores almost
    completely packed with cars.
    3) Union demands have been made public (bad for the union)
    – Customers have heard about some of the Union demands (continued Free
    Health benefits, etc.) and have realized how unreasonable this is.
    I frequently hear people say that they too pay for their health benefits. And
    much more than $15.00 a month. And they have also had to deal with cutbacks
    in their health plan. Free Health benefits are a thing of the past, along with
    “company loyalty” and a “secure retirement”.

    So why then should customers honor the strike? So the union employees can keep their free health benefits? No.
    No customer should feel guilty about crossing the line. Everyone (not just these unioned employees) has had to make sacrifices. Everyone has had to deal with cutbacks in their health/medical benefits.

    Grocery store employees on strike are gambling on their Union (which has done extremely poor up until now).

    The cost/benefit analysis does not look good. Even if an agreement is reached, it will be far less than expected and will never re-coop all the down time employees are spending on strike.

    I firmly believe that this union does not have the people’s best interest at heart.
    It’s poor planning, execution and unreasonable demands will not bear fruit.

    I am not in any way affiliated with the Supermarket or the Union. I am simply a bystander who is noting my observations and expressing my opinion. If I were
    one of the unioned workers, I’d certainly pick up and go back to my employer
    and ask to be hired back at my current position and free myself from the union
    that is playing Russian Roulette with your livelihood (and is loosing).

  23. dweebie 25.Nov.03 at 10:54 am

    Yo Thomas! What makes you think Lion wrote the quip that you so vehemently responded to–looks to me like it was one of those anonomons. Lion: I’m sure Thomas regrets calling you ignorant, he probably just jumped to a conclusion because your post preceded the one that rose his hackles. tsk, tsk.

  24. Thomas 25.Nov.03 at 1:46 pm

    dweebie, look at the time stamp. While I’ll profess Jodi’s greatness to the ends of the earth, as of now, she remains a well-hidden secret in many circles. Lion’s post was at 1:36am. That’s 2:36am EST. The next post is at 2:39am EST. A scant 3 minutes after the original post. I seriously doubt anyone else would have been so eager to post a comment at that time. I would submit that a very different scenario occurred.

    Lion, no doubt impressed with himself concerning his literary prowess, read over the entire thread AFTER his submission, a common mistake with whistleblowers on a maniac bend. Upon seeing that the post is more than 3 years old, and the numerous posts pointing that fact out glaringly, he (and yes, I’ll continue to refer to him as a he even though there was no clear gender disclosed as I doubt a woman would post before reading what it was she was committing her words to) jotted back the most barbed comment his grocery store Norma Rae mind could muster at the moment in an effort to alleviate his embarrassment; A comment questioning Jodi’s inclusion of an antiquated topic. My retort was based on no amount of vehement towards the topic, but rather was ire focused primarily on the ilk of mouth breathing, knee-jerk, corporaphobic lemming-esque protester who would carry a placard denouncing his own existence if it would allow him to have a sense of “sticking it to the man”, whomever “the man” is (as fed to him in snippets and sound bites by the governing liberal media inasmuch as pabulum is fed to a helpless infant.)

    I hope this clarifies my previous rant, which I still stand by 100%.

  25. Krista 03.Dec.03 at 5:01 pm

    Okay I am getting tired of these morons who think grocery store workers are just on strike for benefits…For one they want to CUT benefits 50% on top of paying $60 a month for benefits that only cover %50 of your medical bills. 2) They want to cut pay in many ways, they want to eliminate overtime for holidays. Come on now who really wants bust their ass on a Holiday not to get payed overtime, 3) They want to cut Pension and retirement plans. So they men and woman who have worked 30+years in the business are going to get a rude awakening when they realize they can no longer retire because of coperate greed. 4) They want to open up all new store NON union. So by the time the new store opens they will just get rid of the OLD store, where most people dedicated hard, long hours there.And Stater Bros DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH ALBERTSONS. It has a contract with the Union and it agreed to take whatever the other grocery store chains were agreeing too. Stater Bros had no problem with the contract but to make it fair Stater Bros shares the same contract that way it doesnt seem like one is treated better then the other. I read some people say just find another job but when you have been with a company for a number of years and loose it all where are you suppose to start again fastfood? Reality has to hit and if the scabs really needed jobs look at fastfood. Do you really believe they used all their resources looking for a job? NO! I mean they seen easy money and took it. So if SCABS wont even get a job at a fastfood resturant how is a father supporting a family of 4 suppose to do it?

  26. Anonymous 04.Dec.03 at 12:05 am

    Jodi – amazing how relevant your journal has become 3 years later…claim you predicted the strike and book yourself on Oprah now…

    Thomas – right on, keep putting these morons in their place

    The rest of you…do you perchance work as baggers as a result of those low marks in Reading Comprehension? This journal entry was written T H R E E years ago…the year 2000, y2k, remember that year?



  27. jodi 04.Dec.03 at 12:23 am

    my mom always thought i was special.

    you know, i actually thought about closing the comments on this entry, because well, people were calling me names and stuff. but then it’s so absolutely hilarious that they are commenting on something, that while important, really has absolutely no place here what so ever. i just wonder if these pro/con grocery strikers just randomly post stuff on all sorts of sites or if i’m just special.

  28. Thomas 04.Dec.03 at 6:58 am

    You’re a freak magnet, Jodi; I’m here, aren’t I?

  29. inferna 09.Dec.03 at 1:47 pm

    Jodi- I am aware that you posted a comment 3 years ago about how you hated grocery shopping and now some moron began this as a string of opinions on the current grocery strike (Britt to be exact, who can’t spell stomach, but wants you to think past yours…funny). So…my apologies for using your site as a sounding board, but I have to respond to a posting by yet another moron (Peter to be exact, from Nov 24, 2003).

    Peter: Do you have any clue what you are talking about? The timing of the strike was decided by the expiration date of the contract that the employees are working under. In this case, October 5, 2003 midnight the UFCW/Von’s/Pavillions/Ralph’s/Albertson’s contract expired. The union members voted on whether or not to accept the contract proposed by the companies and with over 80% voting, 97% rejected it. Safeway (Von’s/Pavillions) was the target of the strike and the other 2 locked out their employees. It isn’t like someone said, “Hey let’s try and screw up everyone’s holidays.”
    Just as in Kentucky/West Virginia/Ohio, where Kroger (who owns Ralph’s and yes, Stater Bros. too) employees also went on strike and still remain on strike after 2 months. Their contract expired and a decision had to be made. Why isn’t Stater Bros. in California affected since they are owned by the same company as Ralph’s? They have a deal in which they do not participate in the Collective Bargaining process, but follow the contract once it is ratified. They are union, but they piggy-back onto the contract after the big 3 and the union end negotiations.
    I live in Arizona-contract expired October 25th, but companies (minus Albertson’s, who are non-union here) and UFCW made an agreement to extend the contact expiration date until negotiation process is done, with either side free to give 7 days notice to cancel the extension. This is also what happened in Indiana.

    Why should you people care????

    I would assume, from the spelling and grammatical errors of most of the postings I read, that you are (as well as myself) in the working class here in America. And if the employers win this battle, we can all kiss our health benefits and every other “benefit” enjoyed as compensation for our labor. Cost of living inceases, my friends, are a necessity, and who can afford to take time off without pay to go on vacation? I can barely afford to go away anywhere when I take my vacation. We cannot let these people down—they are not the greedy ones….look up Steve Burd’s trading activity on any finance site and you’ll see that the Safeway CEO is able to personally cash in on tens of millions of dollars in stock options while, at the same time, willing to lose hundreds of millions for his company, now down almost one half billion dollars in sales in Southern California. Wouldn’t just part of that money have covered these people’s insurance for the entire life of that 3-year contract? From his own words, the health care cuts “will save over $130 million over the life of the contract.”
    I doubt any of you knowingly would support this kind of mentality. Please learn the real issues at hand before you make your shopping (and for Jodi’s sake, your posting) decisions! The inconvenience is slight compared to the inconvenience you could end up with…your tax dollars will be paying for those 70,000 people who lose their medical coverage because you insisted that their battle didn’t involve you. Wake up and look past yourself for just a moment and see your environment as more than the square foot where you’re standing. If more of us did this, wouldn’t our children’s future seem a little brighter???
    Hey TINA…the term SCAB was coined by Jack London, author of White Fang and Call of the Wild and also a huge proponent for socialism (as opposed to capitalism).
    . . .”‘Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Judas sold his Savior for thirty pieces of silver. Benedict Arnold sold his country for a promise of a commission in the British army.’ The scab sells his birthright, country, his wife, his children and his fellowmen for an unfulfilled promise from his employer. Esau was a traitor to himself; Judas was a traitor to his God; Benedict Arnold was a traitor to his country; a scab is a traitor to his God, his country, his family and his class.” ~Jack London (1876-1916)

  30. Anonymous 22.Dec.03 at 9:43 pm

    lame lame lame . blah blah blah

  31. Angel 30.Dec.03 at 3:09 am

    Happy New Year to all of us locked out/strike

  32. Rhonda 30.Dec.03 at 7:31 pm

    Jodi you poor girl! This is so funny! This is my first time on your website and It’s so funny that you are getting so many serious posts as a result of your 3 year old posting. It has not even occurred to those posting so-called serious debates that they are infringing on your website. I think you should set up a pay pal system and ask these folks to donate a dollar to your website each time they decide to post. Why should you pay for their venting? After all, I know first hand that websites (although typically cheap in nature) are not free and that these folks are infringing on your website. Hey I’ll donate the first dollar. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In any case it’s funny. Let me know if you set up a Pay Pal! Then I will pay a dollar and post a bit of aggrivation and strike talk. P.S. No I’m not a striker and I could care less one way or the other! Take Care.

  33. Michael 03.Jan.04 at 1:15 pm

    Speaking from an employers point of view. Running a business has its expenses. That is the cost of running same. In addition, to employees compensation for work performed, employers run the risk of running the business, there are several liability factors involved, to name a few:

    Payroll taxes
    workers’ compensation insurance
    liablity insurance, ie, property, auto, personal among other expenses.
    The cost of goods,
    Employee salary,
    Loss due to shrinkage, etc.

    I do agree that the employee should be compensated for work based on their job duties and cost of living, but employers must take into consideration the cost of doing business in the market for the services being provided, competition, and inflation.

    Compensation to the employee for work performed should be based on their job description/responsibilities. You are being compensated to do a job, it is a contract between you and the employer. The results of the work being profit or lose should not be of concern to the employee.

    If employees want to their salaries increased based on the company profits, then they should take a decrease in pay equal to the companies losses. If employees want health insurance paid by the employer, then they should be liable for paying their own payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and liability insurance. My responsibility to my employees are to compensate them for work done based on the labor market for the position they hold. My employees responsibilities is to perform the job. I already pay for workers’ compensation and additional liability insurance to run my business. Those are the requirements and responsibilities to my employees. If they want their own health insurance, then, they should pay for it. Does this mean that because the employee drives to work, I have to pay for their car note, fuel, and insurance.

    Wake up employees of the USA, times are changing, employers now realize that we do not have to baby sit our employees. You do the job and get paid for it. Profits and losses are the employers business not the employees.

    Note to Ralph’s grocery and Vons Corporation, do not kneel down to these outrageous and irrational demands. We already have enough expenses.

  34. Michael 04.Jan.04 at 12:27 am

    Michael, I agree with you except you can’t make your employees into poor people. If you say that all that matters is your profit. Even if you have to cut wages to make what you believe is a correct profit. You are simply killing the economy. If rich people are not willing to take a chance with a new idea or company. Loose some money in the start-up. The American dream is based on taking a chance. Not screwing the worker. The people who do the work & do the jobs make the money to buy your products.

    If you screw the worker then he can’t afford to buy your products. A company’s goal should be to pay as high a wage a possible. To attract the best quality people as possible. Who will give your company the highest production possible.

    Then those people can afford to pay top dollar for you product. The adverage wage, to the somewhat above adverage wage maker is about 90% of the economy. (The top 5% are millionairs the bottom 5% are nothing airs).

    If you, as a company, can’t offer the people that work for you a wage that allows them to buy the product or service you offer.

    OK, at least the dream of being able to afford at some point… That is the American dream. If everyone pays CostCo or WalMart wages then who will be able to buy at Vons?

    Once WalMart is the big non union dick in town… Who will increase prices? Unless a “BallMart” comes along under-cutting Wal Mart’s pricing. BallMart can only afford to pay people $5.25 per hour.

    If everyone that worked at Von’s @$14 an hour then had to work at WalMart @$9 then at BallMart @$5.25. You get the idea. If a company owners goal is to maximise profit by cutting wages or jobs then they are killing the economy. If the person you pay to tend you garden can’t support his/her family then they have no choice but to seek help.

    Who has to provide that support? The federal goverment? You get the idea!

  35. Anonymous 24.Feb.04 at 7:19 pm

    you have the ability to do your own work, why don’t you?