Stroke Me Day 71: Manageable Awfulness

Hello Darling Ones,

I don’t know if the Lexapro is starting to kick in, it’s the absence of the lightheaded/panic attack cycle, or I’m just getting stronger, but things are going okay this week.

Yes, it’s only Tuesday. However, I’m going to be optimistic and pretend things will continue to be okay. I have a bunch of big, scary doctors’ appointments on the horizon so I need to cultivate a positive attitude. First up is the retina specialist on Monday.

To be clear everything is still awful and weird. My floppy scoops continue to feel like they weigh 199 pounds a piece, and my balance/stamina remains utter garage. But, as I told the Tea Ladies this afternoon, it all feels manageable.

This is only manageable because I have boatloads of help. My mom and sisters have been superheroes. They’ve done everything from taking out my garbage and doing my laundry to managing my substantial medical debt and battling with insurance. I’m also so fortunate to have friends far and wide sending help and checking in on what I need.

Nothing like a cataclysmic event to remind you how precariously middle class you are and also how loved you are.

Since I don’y feel like crying my face off, I’ll just say this experience has been humbling in more ways than I can count right now. I joked to Sister #2 recently that I’m going to have to be nice forever to pay back of all the kindness I’ve received in the past two months. Ugh.

So, my real reason for writing today was to brag about three things.

  1. I WALKED downstairs three of the last four days. This is a big leap. I’ve been sliding down on my butt like a toddler since the stroke.
  2. I have NOT had to nap at all for two days in a row. Someone has figured out how to manage their stroke fatigue.
  3. I’ve worked SIX billable hours this week. That’s double what I managed last week. Working makes me feel somewhat normal. If I really hit the sone, I almost forget that my right arm weighs 890 pounds. It’s kind of a delight.

Assistant to the Regional Manager,

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