It’s a Temporary Lull

Dear Darling Ones,

For the first time since sometime in 2021, I have a momentary lull in work. And boy, howdy, do I fucking need it.

If you recall 2022 kicked off with me getting The COVID, then BFK’s restaurant burned down, and it ended with everyone dying (Jodi Hanson’s mom, my dad, Uncle Danny, and Betty).

Through it all, I worked my ass off.

I worked because it was a distraction. I worked because someone has to pay the mortgage around here. I worked because I always say yes and I hate disappointing people. I worked because my brain is poisoned by capitalism and without work what is even the point of my existence?

2022 was kind of a fluke when it comes to early year work. Traditionally, my work tends to slow down at the start of the year. Also, as is my tradition, I begin worrying about never working again and being homeless by March. I’ve done this every year since I started freelancing in 2009.

Since 2022 was a personal record scratch of a year, I’m going to try to do things differently with this lull.

For one, I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to make the most of this temporary lull by doing as much nothing as possible. Or at least what looks like nothing to a lot of people.

I’m gonna nap. I’m gonna lay on the couch and listen to records. I’m gonna talk about rock & roll on Twitter while I still can. I’m going to work doggedly on the Catghan. I’m going to read so many books (I’m nearly done re-reading all three of Sally Rooney’s novels. I forgot how awkwardly sexy they are. Rawr!). I’m going to think and daydream. I might fuck around and start writing fiction again.

What I’m not going to do is get super anxious about money and potential homelessness.

At least not until March.

I will not be bored right out of my skull,

P.S. Do not worry. I have some small things to keep me going, some big things on the horizon, and a check that will cover three-months of expenses on the way. Yeah, three months. That’s how much of my ass I worked off.

P.P.S. I’m super afraid that just by mentioning my lull I’m alerting the universe that I need seventeen new projects and six new clients. Please universe, I need a small break.

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