The COVID Diaries: [Pronoun] Was So [Adj] Last Night

Dear Darling Ones,

I won’t go on and on about the conversation I witnessed between Karen Russell and Elizabeth McCracken. You kind of had to be there to accurately understand the magic. However there are three things I wanted to get out here for posterity.

First, at the start of the conversation Karen Russell said, “I was just thinking about the Mad Libs grammar of the heart.” I can’t even remember the context because I was so captivated by that one sentence. It’s glorious, and I was a little sad that I had never spent time thinking about the Mad Libs grammar of the heart. She also said something about “the poltergeist of desire.”

This happened within the first five minutes of the conversation and I spent the rest of the time trying to listen attentively with schmoopy-eyed reverence while my brain kept screaming “I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW” inside of my skull.

Second, when they checked the audience-question chatbox, both author squealed at their writer friends who were watching the livestream. Those writer friends included Kevin Brockmeier and Kelly Link and Lauren Hough. Their delight was genuine and adorable and made my brain scream a little louder.

Third, at the end of the conversation someone asked Elizabeth McCracken if she had any writing routines or rituals. She talked about how she goes swimming every day, early in the morning. While she swims she said she often thinks of Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. At that point my spirit left my body and I died of joy for like 12 seconds.

The other day I mentioned how I super love it when two things I love get mixed up together. And this one? THIS ONE? The only book I love more than Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love is Elizabeth McCracken’s The Giant’s House.* I don’t know why this kind of thing makes me feel validated, but it does.

I WAS SO HAPPY last night and even happier still that I recognized it in the moment.

Booknerdily yours,
*Last night I had a dream where I had to get measured for something and discovered I had grown two inches. In the dream I cried & cried because I didn’t want to be 6’7″ and also it was unfair to grow two inches in your forties. When I tweeted about it this morning Wolfdogg was all, “did you recently re-read that book?” This made me smile because he knows i re-read that book all the damn time and I knew which one he was talking about.

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