The COVID Diaries: Four Minutes & 39 Seconds of Bliss

‘Sup Darling Ones?

This letter is a fucking trainwreck. I have written and deleted about 600 words having nothing to do with what I wanted to write about. It was all preamble and nonsense.

There are two things I wanted to say.

1.) Recently I got introduce Elizabeth McCracken the author of my very favorite novel of all time, The Giant’s House to the song “It’s Only Dancing” by Jeremy Messersmith (I have written about my love for this song before). After she listened to it she replied back about how wonderful the song is. And let me tell you, when you’re half booknerd and half musicgeek getting to introduce your favorite author to a lovely song is a pretty nice thing to happen.

2.) Today is a grey, melancholy, didn’t get enough sleep woke sad from a nap Sunday. However, when I popped on my headphones (which I call cans because it makes me sound cool to myself), and hit play on one of my Spotify Daily Mixes, “It’s Only Dancing” came flooding into my ears. I turned it up as loud as I could take it, closed my eyes, and sang along. I don’t know what it is about this song, but to my ears (with the cans on) I sound really good singing along. So I sat here for four minutes and thirty-nine seconds with my eyes closed singing along to this song my entire body seventy-seven inches worth of goosebumps. It was a pretty nice thing to happen.

Give it a shot if you could use four minutes and 39 seconds of bliss. Make sure you close your eyes to get the total immersive experience.

Sorry I deleted all the orgasm jokes,

P.S. The second song on this particular daily mix was “Songs She Sang in the Shower” by Jason Isbell because I think Spotify was trying to make me cry.

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