six years is a lot of b.s.

First my birthday landed on 06.06.06, then I realized that this year of 06 also marks the 6th anniversary of my

Six years is a long damn time. I wasn’t even in college that long (and I was in college for a long time).

Six years? I would have never guessed that I had six years worth of bullshit in me. But sometimes I even amaze myself.

Tonight I went out to dinnner with Kelly, and I whined about how when I started I was only 28 and now I’m practically 40.

“Woah, Woah,” she said. “How did you get to 40 already?”
“It’s just all down hill from here,” I said.
“But you’re closer to 28 then you are to. . ” She stopped. We did the math at the same time.
“OH MY GOD!” I said.
“Well you’re the same distance from 28 than you are to 40,” she offered.

It didn’t help.

In the six years I’ve since I’ve started I have:

worked for two different companies
held two different jobs
bought one house
bought one truck
had one car accident
had five lovers
three boyfriends
gained three nephews
lost one grammu
saw 6.5 paul westerberg concerts (Rock for Karl only counts as half)
been hugged by Douglas Coupland

and that’s all I can think of.

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