The New Project Runway

When I heard that Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn were leaving “Project Runway,” I was crushed. “Project Runway” is my favorite show currently airing on TV. Or maybe it’s tied for #1, because I love “Top Chef” a whole bunch too. In fact, since I cut cable back in 2011 “Project Runway” and “Top Chef” are the only two shows I consistently buy from Amazon. I don’t even care that they’re usually available on Hulu within on a few months of the season’s ending. I love the shows so much I gladly pay for them.

However, I was super unsure about signing on to a Klumless/Gunnless “Project Runway.” I mean, is “Project Runway” even “Project Runway” if Tim Gunn isn’t there to tell the designers to “make it work?”

Yes, apparently, it is. How do I know, because I LOVE the new “Project Runway” just as much as the old “Project Runway” even though they are not the same.

I’m happy that Klum & Gunn left together. It would be weird to have one without the other, and it would make for an odd balance of power between host and mentor.

Karlie Kloss & Christian Siriano as the new host and mentor are wonderful. Siriano is just as caring as gun with a touch of of snark and sarcasm, which is refreshing. Love Tim and his very polite way of telling people their stuff sucks, but Christian’s “oh my god, you’re giving me a heart attack” is refreshing. I hadn’t realized how staid the old “Project Runway” had gotten until all these new people joined.

And I have heart-eyes for Karlie Kloss who I was vaguely aware of because i have access to the Internet, but who I now love with my whole damn heart. Why? Because she’s a computer programmer in her spare time and funds coding classes for girls. But mostly, because she is 6’2″ tall and wears 3-4″ heels on every episode and she does not give a good goddamn if she towers over every one on that set. And she usually does. And even better is that it doesn’t seem like the show gives a good goddamn, because she’s always shown next to Siriano, who is petite by any standard.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It’s never mentioned or played as a joke, and that’s unusual when it comes to tall women on TV.

I also love new judges Brandon Maxwell and Elaine Welteroth (who has a memoir that came out yesterday that I cannot wait to read) who are critical but without with the bitchiness or desire for one-liners like the older judges from the Project Runway Empire (See: Michael Kors and Isaac Mizrahi).

Plus, there’s still the wonderful Nina Garcia who feels like the elder stateswoman of the show now, and I dig it.

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