Things I Intend to Do This Month

So, let’s be real, I’m failing miserably when it comes to my writing goals. I blame my own inherent laziness and the feeling that the entire world is on fire all the time and nothing I do matters at all anyway so why write about a small town bowling alley when I can sit on the couch and numb myself in front of the animated joys of the Belcher Family?


More real talk: That who repealing the ACA fucked me right up and I literally wept when the Senate killed the repeal that one night at like 1 a.m. If it weren’t for the ACA I would have zero health insurance. I’m a forty-five-year-old woman on the brink of menopause with a family history of breast cancer. Trust me, the loss of the ACA is a cry-worthy, lose-sleep thing.

Anyway, wanna know how I did on my July Intentions? Of course you do.
Make that M-Fing Cuban Sandwich. Take a look at this beauty.

It was delicious. However, I’m not sure the next time I make it I’ll go through the whole making the orangey marinade thing. The pulled pork I already make is just as delicious and not as much work.

Query Two Agents. I did this! One even said she’d read my whole manuscript some time in August. Keep those fingers crossed.

Write One Blog Post a Week. I think I managed this one. I wrote five blog posts in July, so that counts.

Revise One Short Story and Write One New Short Story. I think I failed at all these. And because of that, I’m taking August out from my writing intentions. I’m just gonna let the summer slide by and if some writing happens it happens.

And now, things I intend to do in August

  1. Get a big-girl bed and put it together. I was so slow in making my intentions known that I already did this one, as you can see in the picture above. Go me! I was tired of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, now I feel like I’m sleeping suspended in mid-air. It’s weird. I keep waiting to fall off the bed and/or for it to crumple beneath me. So far neither thing has happened.
  2. Make Eggs Benedict. I liked the food challenge from June/July. This time I’m gonna conquer hollandaise sauce. I’m great at making eggs. I’ve never attempted hollandaise.
  3. Write down one good thing each day. I’ve been feeling grody about life, mostly thanks to the political climate and also because of the aforementioned not writing due the political climate. I need to remind myself that shit is not so bleak all day every day.
  4. Add two rows of granny squares to Sister #2’s birthday afghan. Her birthday was in December. I’m hoping to finish this bitch before her next birthday. Making 88 kabillion granny squares is dumb. I hate granny squares now.
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