firing squad

ella and i have our yearly reviews today. neither of us are looking forward to the whole ordeal. ella is a bit more nervous than i am, in fact she just went in front of the firing squad. i hate these review things. the questions they ask are ridiculous. . .”what are some significant achievements you’ve made since your last review?” well, i got a grown-up bed and a couch, i am pretty proud of that. i FINALLY finished Infinite Jest, yay me! too bad these accomplishments have to be work related. then there is the whole goals portions of the review. “what are your goals for the next 12 months?” i wanna lose some weight, buy a new car, overcome my commitmentaphobia and settle into a relationship with a nice man who likes to give me flowers. i’d like to buy a swank reading chair and maybe get a better job. . . er, well really i love my job. i dunno what my goals for my work are. i’d like to have enough work to keep me busy 40 hours a week. that’s my goal.

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  1. Tyson 09.May.01 at 4:05 pm

    ha, don’t you wish you could be completely honest in these situations?

  2. Skattieboy 09.May.01 at 4:26 pm

    Whenever I think evaluations, I think of “Office Space”. Thank Bob your name isn’t really Michael Bolton.


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