A Few Notes on the Day

I’m going to tell you all the good things about today so far.

1.) Walter is curled up on my feet. I love when he does that. It’s very cute and makes life instantly cozier.

2.) I started querying literary agents again. I was working with one for awhile but that doesn’t seem to be panning out too well. Begging people to like this thing you spent three years writing produces almost as much existential dread as the current Fascist Turnip administration. Almost. Because we all know personal artistic rejection while painful and soul-deadening is not deadly. The Fascist Turnip and coterie of assholes are literally killing people.

3.) The boys’ Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament began today. It’s the only non-Olympic sporting event I care about. I have many cozy, sepia-tinted memories of this tournament that mostly live in my chest as warm feelings rather than concrete scenes I could explain to someone. Right now I have the game on TV (Northfield v. Mahtomedi) while listening to The Current on my headphones.

4.) The Current is playing nothing but music by women todayand that makes me want to shoot rainbow glitter out of my fingernails it makes me so happy.

5.) Top the Tater liked one of my tweets. So basically my life is complete*.

*well, it would be complete if that stupid Nutter Butter sponsorship ever comes in. Why does Nutter Butter hate me so?

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