The Long, Dark Journey to a New Web Host & Other Whinings

First of all, how you like the new digs? I figured with all that was going on the least I could do was freshen this joint up.

What was going on? Well, I’m glad you asked. Right about the time I made that last book post I had to move web hosts. It sucked. It sucked and sucked and then it sucked some more and it took forever for the transition and I’m only a little crabby that it’s only just now finished, nearly a month after I started.

Moving web hosts is a giant pain in the ass. It doesn’t help that I have a bunch of domains I use for work and a few friend’s sites I host. There was a lot of digital shuffling going on. And when you have a 16-year-old website with 8,000 posts and 20,000 comments and various other doodads lurking in the deep recesses of your archives folder the pain in the ass is so enormous that it cannot even be quantified. Also, because I am lazy I asked the new web host to move I Will Dare. It took them roughly a fortnight to get that shizz done.

But it is done and my new host isn’t gonna spring monthly “you owe us $40 more because of reasons” on me. And, also, I am out from under the slimy thumb of GoDaddy once again (the host I was using was bought by GoDaddy a year after I started using them and I thought about moving, but then I am lazy, remember?).

Orange you glad you asked just what in the hell was going on? Of course you are. Here’s some more.

Also, I figured out how to get iTunes to stop acting like I wanted everything to shuffle all the time. And I had a cold. And I dogsat for Lex, BFK’s dog, and I felt like I was cheating on Walter. And my dad had lung surgery and it’s been very scary because his recovery is not going well and he’s been in ICU for a week now and he had a small stroke but things are starting to look up. And I made soup. And one of the Tibbles texted my entire family to tell on Sister #3 about some sort of dinner hubub and I am still laughing about it. There might have been some other things that happened, but those are the highlights.

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