I Had a Sex Dream About James Evans

I just had to get this out there in the world and outside of my head, because every moment I haven’t been using my brain today it’s been screaming OMG DO YOU REMEMBER THE JAMES EVANS SEX DREAM?

My brain is dramatic and often thinks in all caps. And says things like OMG.

In case you don’t remember, James Evans is the dad from “Good Times.” John Amos, the actor who plays James Evans also plays FitzWallace on “The West Wing.” My dream, however, was most definitely about James Evans.

And it was hot. It was the kind of sex dream where you really wanted the sex and not the kind of sex dream where even in the middle of it your subconscious is like “this is one unsexy, weird sex dream.” Those kind of sex dreams suck.

Unrelated: I had chili-cheese dogs and chili-cheese fries for dinner tonight. It was delicious. This meal is the #1 reason I make chili and it’s the best thing to do with chili leftovers. The 2nd best thing? Chilicheeseiritos. There is no third best thing, because three chili-based meals is plenty.

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