Two Kinds of People or, I think I’m getting a cold

I like to joke that there are two kinds of people in those world: those who don’t mind being lumped into a group based on some arbitrary measurement and boring stick in the muds. Boring sticks in the mud? Yeah, probably the sticks is plural.

We’ll get back to this in a paragraph or so.

Over the summer my friend Atom had the extreme misfortune of having to spend a weekend passing a kidney stone. When the stone first attacked he got so sick he thought something was rupturing and had to rush to urgent care. They figured out what the deal was and sent him home with pain killers and instructions on how some suckiness was going to occur.

The next day BFK invited me over for dinner. I was surprised figuring Atom would be writhing in pain and waiting for death to claim him. It seems he wasn’t so bad and the waiting for the stone had made them bored. While we ate delicious pot stickers we talked about being sick and waiting to be sick and how we were when we were sick.

See, I believe there are two types of sick people. Those who want to wait for death alone and those who want to be nursed back to health by people who are willing to do such things.

Atom and I were waiting for death alone types. BFK wanted the nursing. This is surprising if you know them, but you don’t and that’s not point here.

The point here is that in general I am a let me die in peace person. Often when I am really sick I wonder if maybe I should let someone know that I am sick in case I do, actually, die, but then the effort of telling someone I’m sick just seems too much.

That is, until, I get a cold. When I get a cold it’s not that I want people around so much, it’s that I want someone to recognize me for the bravery I show in the face of such overwhelming pain in the assness. Also, I probably wouldn’t turn down a hot cup of tea.

So I have a cold. Or at least I think I’m getting a cold. I have all the symptoms: left sinuses trying to escape my face, extreme tiredness despite nine hours of sleep and a nap, whininess, etc. And damnit someone better recognize.

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  1. Angela S 23.Jan.13 at 11:03 pm

    Us too. All the humans over here in the Scaletta house? Sick. You are brave to face it alone but at least you can lie on the couch with comic books and no one will whine if there’s a cat bowl still not washed.

    1. Jodi 23.Jan.13 at 11:05 pm

      Thank you.

      I think having to be sick with other people would make me super cranky. Like, how do you pull the sick card with a two year old or someone else who is sick? I would need some sort of sickness measurement to determine who was the sickest and therefore wins the opportunity to be the whininess without any repercussions.

  2. Matthew Baiocchi 24.Jan.13 at 12:13 pm

    Great googly moogly! The fortitude and stiff-upper-lip-ed-ness you are showing by actually being able to write website and twitter posts while the contents of your entire head seem to be trying to drain out of your…errr…entire head is absolutely astonishing! ‘Twould that I could, in my daily life (and when I feel completely healthy, mind you!) have just the merest smidgeon of the resolve and raw, unadulterated grit – I mean, truly, the utter and complete determination, the naked display of guts, the courage, the absolute strength of character – that you are showing in this time of great minor annoyance and lack of tea!

    Crap, I seem to have lost my way in the above paragraph, sorry.

    1. Jodi 24.Jan.13 at 12:15 pm

      I know. This is so hard and trying. And tea is gross but I drink it anyway because I like the steam and if I had that much coffee my heart would probably explode. Also my cat is being really annoying and my face hurts and it’s so hard being me I can barely stand it. Waaaaahhh!

  3. Suzy 25.Jan.13 at 2:40 pm

    Ha, this past weekend I was sick with a frigging stomach virus and I realized that sickness is the only time I hate being single/living alone. I don’t really want people around me (I like to die alone and in quiet), but I would like a butler type to bring me ginger ale and any other in sickness whims that occur, walk my dogs (instead I make them suffer boredom by just going out to the backyard) and then feed and water all the animals, and commiserate with me for being ill (but then go away). Also, if they could clean up and disinfect the house that would be wonderful too – esp post sickness when it all just eeps me out.

    1. Jodi 25.Jan.13 at 3:36 pm

      Ugh. When I have any sort of stomach ailment that’s when I want to be left to die alone the most! I remember one Thanksgiving I was supersick and Sister #4 was staying here and she kept inviting friends over. If I would have had any energy I would have killed her dead.

      However, I could get behind that whole someone to disinfect the house.


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