Deserving of your attention

In case you missed it, yesterday MinnPost named I Will Dare was one of 10 Minnesota blogs worthy of your attention in 2010. Can I get a hell yeah?

Getting this kind of recognition is pretty awesome. That’s probably a weird thing to say. Or maybe it’s immodest. I don’t care. It’s awesome. I work hard (sometimes) at writing I Will Dare and it’s nice to see that noticed.

And what’s even weirder still, is that the hard work I’ve put into I Will Dare and MN Reads and to a lesser extent is paying off financially too. Dude, you know what that means? I’m monetizing the hell out of this shit.

(Just kidding, I’ve just always wanted to use the word monetize in relation to some sort of blogging because I read a lot of those hokey sites for my clients that are all about monetizing the hell out of most everything)

Yesterday was also my first day working with a new client. I am helping this client out with blogging. Not writing, like my other clients, but basically acting as a knowledge base and offering advice.

If you’re anything like me right now is when you’ve either strained your eyeballs from rolling them so fiercely in their sockets or you have to pick your head up off the ground because it fell off from incredulity.


Can you believe that people are willing to pay me to tell them about what I’ve learned in my 10 years of blogging? I still can’t believe it and it’s my life. I do this now. That’s nutso, isn’t it?

You know what this means? I’m the cliche people. I’m the “do what you love and the money will follow” person. Soon I’m hoping to become the “when you stop looking for Matt Dillon, he finds you” person.

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  1. Wolfdogg 05.Jan.10 at 11:05 pm

    Maybe someday someone will hire you as ‘Soup Guru’

  2. Jodi 05.Jan.10 at 11:06 pm

    I make some mighty mean soup and you know it.

  3. Bonny 06.Jan.10 at 1:54 pm

    Good for you, Jodi. You’ve come far from the Backwash days.

  4. Hypster Mom 08.Jan.10 at 11:45 am

    You deserve it. Congratulations!


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