Like nephew like aunt

After we finished cleaning up the dinner dishes, The Tibbles and I retired to the living room where they immediately began debating what movie they would watch. There were many shouts from Cade and Nolan for “The Lion King.”

“Nooo,” Liam howled. “Not The Lion King.”
“Why not?” I asked.
“Because I have a stuffy nose,” he said, and sniffed to emphasis his point.
He sighed. “If I cry with a stuffy nose then I won’t be able to breathe.”
“Oh,” I said.
“And you have to cry in The Lion King because it’s just so sad.”

Like he had to tell me. Sister #4 is fond of telling a story about how back in 1994 I was in college and she was in junior high, I came home and we went to see The Lion King. Shakopee is kind of a small town and it was a Saturday night. The movie was packed and I think she knew roughly 47% of the people there.

So we’re watching the movie and it gets to the point where Mufasa and I lose my shit. Like really, really lose my shit. I was heaving those huh-huh-huh-sobs. I was keenly aware that I was being loud and obnoxious, which made me panic and lose my breath which made my gasps for breath even louder.

“Are you going to be okay,” Sister #4 leaned over and asked me.
“It’s just so sad,” I said.

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