A list of animals Liam was not hungry enough to eat (and the reason why)

This morning Liam was hungry before breakfast time (the time at which we begin to awake his beastly brothers). When I told him he had to wait 10 minutes he did an interpretive dance about hunger and famine that included throwing himself on the couch and thrashing about whining, “I’mmmmmmm hhhhuuuunnnnggggrrry.”

“Are you so hungry you could eat a horse?” I asked.
“Are you so hungry you could eat a wombat?”
“What’s a wombat.”

This sent us to Google where we spent the next ten minutes Googling animals to see if Liam was hungry enough to eat them. Here are the animals we Googled and his reasons for not being hungry enough to eat them.

  • Wombat, too funny looking
  • Hedgehog, too poky
  • Kangaroo, would kick him
  • Cheetah, too fast
  • Rhinoceros, would probably eat him first
  • Penguin, too cute
  • Fennec Fox, would scratch him
  • Armadillo, the shell is too hard
  • Gazelle, too goat looking
  • Zebra, too fast
  • Giraffe, too tall
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