We got an emergency down here

Nolan found an old, dead cell phone of mine and has been using it all day to make calls. The UPS man just came and dropped off a load of presents including a slew of books for Jaycie and Max and some Threadless t-shirts.

After proclaiming all the Threadless tees boring, Nolan got on the phone.
“Hello News,” he said. “We got an emergency down here. Aunt Jodi bought everyone books. We need you to change them.”


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  1. Doug 11.Dec.08 at 2:19 am

    Books? Yeesh, may as well give them socks–at least those can keep their feet warm.

    I’d think, as a pro blogger, that you’d realize no one reads words on paper any more.

    Wait–were these picture books? Those are still okay. Unless they’re pictures of socks.

  2. bamboozlde 11.Dec.08 at 9:58 pm

    that is A-dorable!


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