Glibness on two years of an unreal job

Yesterday was the second anniversary of getting laid off at my last “corporate” job (the quotes are because The Nerdery is anything but corporate). Can you believe I’ve gone two years without a real job?

My goal initially way back in May 2009 was to make it through the summer. Here is is 2011 and my goal once again is to make it through the summer. Also, I need to stop saying that I don’t have a “real job” because my job. But my real deal big time goal is to get over the idea that if someone isn’t paying me to write that I’m not working. Work isn’t always just what someone pays you to do. Right? I’m sure stay-at-home parents are all with the “hell yes” on that one.

Anyway, I’ve come here to mark this auspicious occasion and share all the hard-earned wisdom I’ve gathered in the past two years of freelancing. Are you ready for it? Here is is: It’s just like any job.

Is your mind blown?

I’ve only come to this conclusion recently (like yesterday on the actual anniversary). Freelancing is just like any other job. There are impossible deadlines, projects that exhilarate you and tasks that are mind-numbing in their dullness; coworkers and bosses (only in the freelance world we call them clients) that you love and those that drive you nuts; there’s still the fear that you’ll lose your job when things get slow, and the same fear that you’ll never get everything done on time when things are busy.

Really, freelancing is like every single job I’ve ever had with the extra added benefit of no benefits, but it does have a 30 second commute, no cubicles, and the ability to wear pajamas all the time. So clearly freelancing wins.

Fuck yeah, Freelancing. High five.

P.S. Totally unrelated. In WordPress when I start typing in tags for each post, it populates with ones that are similar to the words I’m typing. For example today when I typed “freelance” it first suggested “freedom fries.” Apparently back in 2003 I thought it was topic worthy of a tag. That is all.

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  1. Dou 17.May.11 at 11:08 pm

    If “job” is in the description, it’s a real job, whether it earns a paycheck or not.


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